Using Postman locally with Visual Studio to debug during Development

Postman is pretty handy for viewing the return values of POSTs, but also for debugging during the early phases of development. In my case, I was trying to POST to my Alexa app. was reporting a 500 error, but nothing beyond that. This was in the early stages where I had not yet created any sort of logging or error handling in my Alexa API.

Determining the error was best left to localhost where I could debug right in Visual Studio.

Setting things up is a breeze.

Begin by launching the app directly from Visual Studio in a browser.

In Postman, set the type to POST; enter your local URL.


Click on the Params button to the right of the URL. Click the Body tab; change the type in the dropdown to JSON (application/json) or your preferred type. Paste in your payload as raw. Click Send.


Assuming an error has occurred, Visual Studio will respond to the request and display the error inline.


Featured Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash




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